“Talking Good” is a podcast that covers the current state of the culture through the investigative research and flat-out opinion of Megan McGlover. She talks about everything from religious viewpoints to conspiracy theories to the possible pre-thought of actions we may not understand. The podcast aims to open the minds of those who listen, to the different perspectives of other walks of life, thus allotting for even further conversation. Megan is insightful, innovative and brings a merge of humor and intelligence to the world of podcast that is enjoyed by all walks of life.
“I always learn something when I listen to you and you make me laugh to tears.”

When Megan decided to become apart of the podcast nation, her determining factor was the assurance that people would not be the same after listening to her. Therefore, she approaches her podcast with the serious intent to not be jumbled-in with the mind-numbing distractions but to furiously urge the human race to think.

“Talking Good”, a podcast platform for millions to join-in on the conversation of her explicit opinions, thorough research and genuine curiosity for a better way. With visitant co-hosts, amazing guests and up-to-date news on all things (including the weather), “Talking Good” will get down to the rut-gut truth about the lives we chose to live while laughing at the boldness of our enlightened views.