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Countless research has proven the need for therapy and the benefits of counseling for all walks of life. No matter where you’re from, what you’ve been through, or even how strong you are… everyone fairs better when counseled. Successful professionals in business strongly suggest that new entrepreneurs get business mentors. Musicians must be taught by well-trained artists. Million dollars deals aren’t made without the advise from an advisor… Gurus, teachers, tutors, guides, whatever adjective you want to use, someone else is always needed to “bounce ideas off of” or give a different perspective to a situation.  But this is not just business… This Is Your Life.

What we are experiencing in this day-and-age of the year 2020 is completely unprecedented. No one could have predicted that the entire world would live in fear, lock themselves in the house, shut down, and cease to exist in the way we once knew. On top of this “new reality”, life has already thrown curve balls steadily throughout our existence. If ever there was a time to get therapy, it’s now.  

Megan has studied the philosophy of social psychology for over ten years and has a wealth of knowledge along with life lessons of her own. After she listened to her Mother be murdered over the phone in 2012, her calling was made clear… Help Others through the Healing of Your Voice and Wisdom.

This dedication has changed her life for the better and countless clients over the years. As a gift to her Ancestors and in Honoring God/Source, she is answering the call daily as she expands her learning and prepares for Light in use of her gift.

The reason why things are not getting better is because you simply do not have the tools. Let Megan help you see the root of the issue(s) and give you explicit instruction (and homework) on how to fix it. Don't spend anymore time running around in circles.  Therapy Works!  Get'you some. 

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Session Layout:

Sessions are 1 hour (+)

Via phone or video (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp)

Brief meditation is included

Three (3) sessions must be booked at a time ($150/hour)

Total price $450 for 3 sessions.

Please use your CODE if you've been given one.

At the time of payment, please make sure that you've scheduled three (3) sessions - 1 per week for three weeks. Total price $450 for 3 sessions.


$150/session at least 3 sessions must be booked at a time. 


Couples / Family

Sessions are 1 hour (+)

Via phone or video (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp)

Brief meditation is included

Three (3) sessions must be booked at a time

Couples' Price:



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