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Stop Lying is written by the TRUTHteller,

 Megan McGlover


Megan McGlover, aka The TRUTHteller, has warmed her way into the hearts of millions around the world with her no-nonsense style of loving. Affectionately called “Aunty” by many and “Sister” my others, Megan specializes in giving different perspectives on a wide range of topics through intense study and research.  A student and lover of psychology, here in Stop Lying, she’s thoroughly studied what a lie is, why lies are told, what lying does to the mind, body and spirit, and how to fix the damage lying has done.

Known as the Comedic Mentor, Megan enjoys making people laugh as she helps them learn from experience, evolve their knowledge, and act on developed wisdom.  The author of Megan’s Thoughts, a go-to for daily meditations, thoughts, and aspirations. Megan is leading the charge for truth one family at a time. You can reach Megan directly on her app: MCGLOVERABLE, available on all platforms or visit online at:

I just want to say that your book has made a tremendous impact on my life. I keep re-reading it as a reminder to do the work.

With titles like A Beautiful Surprise; Accept the Impossible, Dare to Dream, Obviously Compassionate, The Closet, Tithe Yourself, New Endings, Who is Your God? and Be Grateful for the Dirt… Megan has written a collaboration of motivation that will make you laugh, think, cry and maybe even change your mind. A focus on everyday life, MEGAN’S THOUGHTS gives you tools that help view the perspective from an advantage point of truth, not the demerit shortcomings of pressured decisions.

Get your Signed Copy of MEGAN's THOUGHTS for $17.99 
PURCHASE Megan's Book
Get your Signed Copy for $17.99 
PURCHASE Megan's Book