Clean Eating

1. Clean Lunch Ideas for the Whole Family

2. Clean Snacks That Will Keep You on Track

3. Food Substitutions for a Cleaner Diet

4. Getting Back on Track after You Fall Off

5. How to Adjust Almost Any Recipe to Be Clean

6. How to Choose Clean Dairy and Dairy Substitutes

7. Money-Saving Tips When Trying to Eat Clean

8. Overcoming Junk Food Cravings

9. Superfoods to Work into Your Menus

10.Things to Keep on Hand in Your Clean-Eating Pantry


Followings are the topics :

– Introduction

– What is Clean Eating and its Rationale ?

– 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Clean

– 7 Guidelines/Principles of Clean Eating

– How Does Clean Eating Aid in Maintaining Health and Managing Diseases

– 10 Days Clean Eating Challenge

– Conclusion